Friday, December 24, 2010


we've done lots of fun things this month! here are just a few...on thursday we had a super fun day at mimi's house baking and making candy! the boys loved taking the goodies to mimi's neighbors and we even brought some home to pass out to our neighbors too!
we got all dressed up for the Christmas Eve service at church! Sammy does not like taking pics right now....

miss molly in her brother's chef hat at meem's house!
last weekend we went to celebrate with our family in bartlesville....this was the only pic i got at my grandparent's house!?!?!? this is my grandpa whitson or as the boys like to call him grandpa danny! they absolutely adore him! it is really sweet!!!
the boys decorated a really cute gingerbread house one day!
we went to see santa a few times....molly's reaction was the same both
jack's school party....he was picked to ring the bells for jingle bells! i was so proud of him!! jack goes to the sweetest little school....we were pleasantly surprised that they read a few stories about Jesus!!! I wasn't sure how they would handle the whole Christmas thing at public school...but jack came home one day and told me about a story that ms snow read about Jesus....i told him that made me and daddy so happy and we weren't sure that they would be able to talk about Jesus as this school and how awesome that is....he said "yeah, I bet God is up in Heaven with a huge smile on his face like the Joker!" {as in the joker from batman....a little disturbing that this is how my 5 year old pictures our Heavenly Father...hehe}

we found a fun little website that had the Christmas story with pictures that Bob read to the kiddos! they thought the part about a pregnant Mary riding a donkey was the best!
the boys decorated their happy birthday Jesus cake...the same train that we did last are all three of them blowing out candles after we sang happy birthday to Jesus!

my three babies all ready for bed!!!! i love these kiddos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I love Christmas and I love all the fun family traditions that we did when I was little and now the new ones we have with our little family of 5! We have been doing our 25 days of Christmas...My mom did it with us when we were little and I remember loving it!!! It has been so fun for the boys...they run to the calendar every morning to see if there is a card inside! We've done lots of fun things but I think my favorite was taking the boys to do their Christmas shopping...they each got $10 and they made a little list of who they wanted to buy was so cute! I took them to the dollar store and let them buy whatever they wanted! it was so funny!!! they each bought for their siblings which was so sweet! Jack bought Sammy a color book and Sammy bought Jack some tape! They bought Molly hair was so cute!!! They both love my Grandpa Whitson...they call him Grandpa Danny and they just adore him!!! They bought him the most presents out of everyone!!! and the funny thing is they were all TOYS! {if you know my grandpa this is totally appropriate! hehe} Sammy was running through the store saying "this is so fun!" I loved watching them enjoy GIVING instead of GETTING!!! I am so excited that Jack will be home all day with us next week for Christmas Break! I have lots of fun activities planned!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

miss molly's winter ONEderland

we celebrated molly's birthday last sunday with a pink winter ONEderland!
it was lots of are a few pics i got of the is so hard to get great pics and try to host something....molly's cake was so sweet! tina stepp does all of my kid's cakes and they are always so yummy and so cute!!! i loved it! the top two pics are the food table and the little pink milk glasses with flags that say "molly is one!"
the bottom pics are the outdoor decorations...little white lanterns were hanging in the trees tied with big pink ribbons...there were a few little chandeliers too...the pink wreath on the door is the one that i made for our hospital door last year when she was born!
molly had the sweetest little halo of roses and a little wrist corsage that mimi had made for her..she looked like a little angel but did not keep them on long! the top row of pics are some decorations and the little craft table...the kiddos made snow globes! they had little snowmen or fluffy white birds inside! the photos in the middle are the scarves (those and a bag of "snow" {puppy chow} were the party favors) the kids playing pin the bow on the snow girl, and the flowers. the bottom row is the candy bar...we changed all of it out to pink candy! the other pic is of all the month pictures that i took of molly over this last year!
i wish that i would have done a better job of taking pics of all of our guests....but this is the best that i could do....
our little baby doll had a ONEderful first birthday!!!
{is it totally wrong that i am already planning her 2nd in my head!?!?!}
Thank you to all our sweet family and friends that came to celebrate miss molly with us!!!
pSALM 118:24