Saturday, December 18, 2010


I love Christmas and I love all the fun family traditions that we did when I was little and now the new ones we have with our little family of 5! We have been doing our 25 days of Christmas...My mom did it with us when we were little and I remember loving it!!! It has been so fun for the boys...they run to the calendar every morning to see if there is a card inside! We've done lots of fun things but I think my favorite was taking the boys to do their Christmas shopping...they each got $10 and they made a little list of who they wanted to buy was so cute! I took them to the dollar store and let them buy whatever they wanted! it was so funny!!! they each bought for their siblings which was so sweet! Jack bought Sammy a color book and Sammy bought Jack some tape! They bought Molly hair was so cute!!! They both love my Grandpa Whitson...they call him Grandpa Danny and they just adore him!!! They bought him the most presents out of everyone!!! and the funny thing is they were all TOYS! {if you know my grandpa this is totally appropriate! hehe} Sammy was running through the store saying "this is so fun!" I loved watching them enjoy GIVING instead of GETTING!!! I am so excited that Jack will be home all day with us next week for Christmas Break! I have lots of fun activities planned!!!


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