Saturday, December 3, 2011

hApPy BiRtHdAy tO MoLLy rEEd!

i adore this little birthday girl!!!!we started celebrating her special birthday bright and early this morning with breakfast in bed!!!
she is the sweetest!

miss molly LOVES to books and loves to read!!!! she brings me several books a i decided a book themed party was perfect!!!!

here the kids were coloring/writing their own little books {i found these darling little plain board books that you can use marker or crayons on....} there were also bookmarks for the kids to decorate!

the party favor was a little golden book and a bag of "book worms" {gummy worms}

the cake....

the table...

i did a little reading nook with blankets and pillow and a pink urn filled with books....

here is jack reading a few books to the kids.

the birthday girl with her big brothers!!!!

happy 2nd birthday to my sweet girl!!!

molly reed,

at two years old you....

*love to play with babies

*are a pretty good little eater

*love to read!!!!

*love all the princess stuff

*wear a size 2

*love to wear squeaky shoes

*love your don't like to be away from me for too much

*LOVE to paint your piggies and when we do fingers too it's the best day ever

*think you are big enough to do everything the boys do

*are a little sassy

*don't like movies or tv yet

*talk ALL the time!!!!!!!

*love music and always start dancing when you hear it

*love to play in mommy's lipstick

*are the sweetest girl!!!!

we love you so much! happy 2nd birthday molly reed!!!!


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