Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sammy is 5!!!!!!

Sammy turned 5 on the 2nd! I cannot believe my little Sam is FIVE years old and going to Kindergarten next year!!!!This is our family after Sammy's birthday blessing....he goes to the sweetest little preschool and during chapel they do a special blessing for each student....he got a crown and a special cross necklace! He LOVED it!!!! Sammy has always been our shy one but he loved all the special attention! it was so sweet!!!!! Our sweet MiMi came to celebrate with him!!!!

Here he is sitting up with his class during chapel...

This is sammy riding on his new toy he got for his birthday...jack hooked up these little animals to string and was acting like they were pulling the birthday was pretty cute!!!!

all the kids celebrating Sammy holding up "5"

Here is sammy blowing out the candle on his birthday cookie....I try to make their cakes each year that are for their family party....every year they request something kind of crazy....this year sammy asked for a cookie cake with a mountain lion stuck in a cage....WOW.

Here he is enjoying the moon bounce slide at his wild kratts party...

Sammy had a great day bossing everyone around!!!! Jack kept getting upset with him until he realized his birthday was just a week away and he would get to be the bossy birthday boy!!!


at five years old you...

love your brother and sister! you are the best brother!!!

love school! you do very well in school and have lots of sweet friends!

love people!!! you are our little social butterfly!

love want to eat there at least once a week for lunch!

love pink milk!

love the color green!

love animals!!! you love the show wild kratts...a little animal show for kids

love your daddy!!! he's your best buddy!

love to color, paint, draw animals...

love to write, try to spell out words and are working on reading!!!!

love to be silly! every night after you are in bed daddy and i laugh at all the random funny sayings that you have used that day...right now it is "Young lady!!!" in a really funny voice, and you say it to everyone!!!! even your dad!!!!

love to play games!!!!! every night at dinner you pick the game that we play for the night! usually charades!!!

love to be with your family!!!

we absolutely adore you little man! you are the funniest, sweetest, cutest, smartest, most amazing little 5 year old boy!!!!! we love you sam thomas! y


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