Saturday, January 29, 2011

my three amigos

It is so hard for us to get a picture of all three kids right now! I looked through all of my pics and this was the best I could come up with!

Jack Robert...

You are so funny and so smart! I am amazed at your little mind and how it works! I love to listen to you play! You have a crazy imagination and a vocabulary that is well beyond your years! I LoVe that you make super hero/ninja {strange} noises all day long as you run through the house or jump off the couch pretending to be "creeper" or "ice man" or whoever you've decided to be that day!I love that you and Sam both strip down to your undies and find a super hero cape or some sort of costume pretty much the second we walk through the door! You are growing up WAY too fast but I love the young man that you are starting to be! You are doing so well in school and brought home a perfect report card the other day! The biggest thing in your little five year old life is you lost your first tooth!!! It was so fun for you and you were so excited! They have a little tooth at school that you get to write your name on and you were so excited!!! The tooth fairy left you a little surprise even though before you went to bed you told us that there was no tooth fairy and you knew that it was me and daddy and that was okay and then just went on playing like it was no big deal! I think you are the coolest 5 year old I know!!!

Sam Thomas...

I love being your mommy! I love that we get to see this funny, silly side of you that you do not really share with very many people! I love that you, like your brother usually have on a cape or costume of some sort most of the day....I love that you always have a little something special that you carry around with you! you love little things that you can take with you in the've been this way since you were so's never the same thing for very long...but one week it might be your big brother bracelet from when Molly was born that you will wear all day and maybe even sleep in and then the next week it might be a little car or army man....I think you are so funny and I absolutely love to hear you get the giggles about something! you laugh at Molly {not with her...AT her} all the'll say "look at Ma-Wee's face" or "Ma-Wee is a crazy little baby" I think you and her are going to be buddies! {or maybe partners in crime!} you are a tough little man but the biggest snuggle bug! You are always finding a lap to crawl up into or if you are sitting by me you are always touching my face when you are telling me something! You love eye contact...if I am not looking right at you {especially when I am driving} you do not think I am listening and it drives you crazy! You are such a smart little boy! I would say right before Christmas a light bulb went off and you are so interested in learning! YOu LOVE to play school! You can write your name and actually lots of words for your age! I can say the sound a letter makes and you write the love for me to make you "homework" You could sit and listen to 100 books! you love to be read to! Sometimes I forget that you are 3 and not 5 like your brother because you are so grown up acting! You are my favorite 3 year old!

Miss Molly Reed...

You are a little stinker right now...but I couldn't love you more! you are a little sassy, a little high maitenance and a lot spoiled! {all the things that made me nervous about having a girl!} You talk all the time!!! The boys were late bloomers on talking so Daddy and I are not used to this at all! You say lots of things {pretty much try to repeat everything we say} but the words you say the most are...

*le low {hello} you hold the phone to your ear

*booooooow {bow} with a little southern twang for some reason

*you make a barking noise when you see Molly Dog across the street

*mimi {this one usually starts off ma ma ma...but when she asks you to say it you can!}


*daaaa {you love when daddy comes home you yell this over and over}





*ouch {usually when you are hurting someone else...not when you are getting hurt}

*bu ba

*ja {jack}

*sa {sam}

You have so much personality! You LOVE to dance!!! any time the music is on you are dancing...we might need to get you in classes asap because it looks a little Chris Farley-ish! but so stinkin' cute! I just love you more than I could have ever imagined! I think you are the prettiest, sweetest little one year old!!

I love you three more than you will ever know and I LOVE being your mommy!


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