Monday, February 14, 2011


jack's school sassy pants!!!
miss sassy pants
my attempt to get a good pic of all three...
molly lovin' on her mimi!

i love these three kiddos so much!!!!
we had a great valentine's day! we woke up with a scavenger hunt for the kids to find some little valentine's surprises, then a little lunch date with just mommy, we went to a fun little school party for jack's kindergarten class, a sweet little friend came over for a play date after school, daddy came home with flowers for his two girls {so sweet} then we had a romantic candle lit dinner {or maybe heart shaped pizzas} we ended the night with pink cupcakes!!!

i love my life!!!


Lauren said...

Laura you are the cutest!!!!!! I love how you spent Valentine's with your family!!! SO sweet!!!

The Doke's said...

Laura, this pic of you is SO beautiful!!! you are a gorgeous mommy!!!

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