Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy {late} Easter!

Bob was off last Friday for Good Friday...we spent the day together and had so much fun!This is the kiddos dying eggs in the backyard...I love Sammy's face!!!

They had so much fun! MiMi got them some fun star wars egg wrappers that were so neat!!! Jack loved them!!!!!
This is after the egg decorating!!! It's always a little messy!!!!

On Saturday we went to Norman to the annual Liddell Easter Egg hunt! The kiddos had so much fun! Here they are enjoying a little candy after the hunt!

This was the best picture I got on Sunday! The boys looked so handsome...can't really see their new little Easter clothes in this...but it was the best I could do!

Saturday after the Easter Egg hunt we went to celebrate our little nephew's 4th Birthday! afterwards we went to Grandma and Papa's for a little Easter this one we told them to make a funny face....Molly is even making a silly face!!! too cute!

I got lots better pics of Miss Molly then I did of the boys! The boys just are not that into picture taking these days!!! But Little Miss loves the camera!!!

This is another picture of the Liddell Hunt...they had the Easter bunny...

We have never really gotten in to the whole Easter bunny thing at our house....We really want our kids to know the true meaning of Eater is about the resurrection of Christ and not bunnies or chocolate....but we've never really even talked to them about the Easter bunny...we just don't make a big deal out of it....well, Jack's kindergarten teacher asked the class if the Easter bunny was coming to visit....Jack told the whole class..."oh no, that's just a guy that is dressed up in a costume....they just pay him to do that!" Hope he didn't ruin it for too many kids!!!! oOPS!


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