Sunday, April 10, 2011

pARTY LiKe iT's yOUr BiRtHdAy!

a few weeks ago we had the boy's birthday are the invites...This is probably my last year that I can do a combined birthday so we decided to do a "JARVIS BROTHER'S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH" and just combine all the things they are interested in right now...our original plan was to have part of the party be an adventure and have it at the park...but with March weather, we decided it might be safer to have it at the house... I took the boys to the park and let them play around and explore while I took pictures...I love the way they turned out!!! I had the cards cut with a scalloped edge and they turned out great! {the center pic I turned into a silhouette of the boys holding hands and used for party favors, stickers to seal the invites and a few other things!!!}
These pictures are a little out of order....the boys favorite thing right now is star wars so we decided to serve a star wars supper! We have a darling little star wars cook book that we took several ideas are the "wookie cookies"
the "yoda soda" was a big boys love it!!
a few of the other things...chewbacca bites, princess Leia danish dos, death star pizza, jawa juice...

So some of the boys favorite things to play right now are legos, star wars, super heroes, cooking, cup stack, science those were the things that we picked for the party...the moon bounce had batman on Jack is playing at the Lego table.
more of the food...these were light sabers and in the background is obi-wan kabobs.
The Stover girls and Graves girls playing at the cup stack table! This is one of the boys favorite things to play when we go to the Oklahoma Science Museum so MiMi bought them their own set of plastic cups for our house and they love to play with them!!!
Ellie at the science table....this table ended up just being a big can take a cup of water and sprinkle pepper on the top...then just drop one drop of dish soap on top and the pepper disappears.

These were the boys little cakes...sammy's was yoda and jack's was a little stack of legos! I love Sammy's face!
The little canvas I made for the door...this is the silhouette I was talking about earlier!
Jack taking a whack at Darth Vader! Sammy looks like he's next...I made these little shirts for them...they looked so cute in them!

this was the big cake...I wanted it to be cute and match the party colors and not really be a theme...I love the way it turned out....and I made the little cake banner after seeing them all over the internet on different blogs! I think they are so cute! I made some bigger ones to hang on the light and out of the trees outside...

hOpE yOu bOyS eNjOyEd yOuR pArTy!!!

{mommy sure enjoyed doing it for you!}


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we SO enjoyed it! you did such a great job!!

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