Sunday, March 6, 2011


hAPPY bIRTHDAY tO tHE cUTEST lITTLE 4 yEAR oLD i kNOW!!!we celebrated this little cutie on the 2nd! i LOVE this face!!! sammy has the best facial expressions....he does not like having his picture taken at all so I love when i actually catch one of his funny little faces!!!! Sammy LOVES to pester Molly....
to play with jack....
and this little boy LOVES his daddy!!!! he thinks bob hung the moon! i love it!!! i hope they always have this sweet relationship!!!

So on Wednesday we started celebrating Sammy early that morning...I told Sammy on the days leading up to his birthday that he was the boss on his special day and we would do whatever he wanted to do....I probably should have been a little more specific because he was crazy bossy to all of us and by about 8:30 that night he was telling us that we had to do whatever he said and we were going to call him Obi-Ben from now on....{obi wan from star wars}
this is sammy opening his presents before daddy had to go to work! he picked monkey bread for breakfast so we all had breakfast together too....
these pictures are all out of order....this is a picture of Sammy running around the big bottle at Pop's with Poppy and Jack! Sammy picked his favorite pizza place for lunch and then Pop's for dinner...we had been there a few weeks ago and they announced on the speaker that it was someone's birthday, so he told us that he wanted them to do that for him too....we were a little shocked because he is usually so shy!!! he had the cutest little face when they did it!!!
Sammy helped me make his Yoda cake....I didn't take any pics because it was a little rusty....but he was so happy with is so that is all that matters!!! Mimi took Molly for a while and we got to have some sweet one on one time while we made his special cake! I loved it!!!! I have always made their cakes they eat on their actual birthday...usually it's just an iced sheet cake or something...this year they have both requested characters from star was so hard!!!

back to that morning...right after Bob left for work the door bell rang and it was Poppy!!!! What a fun surprise...him and Mimi came over early to give him his presents too....MiMi spent the whole day with us and took us to lunch!
{MiMi helping Sam with his Yoda transformer}

Poppy givin' the birthday boy some sweet kisses!!!

sam thomas,
happy 4th birthday sweet boy!!! you are growing up so get funnier by the day and you are sooo smart! you love learning and have this competitive little spirit that i know is going to help you accomplish many things in life!!! i know that the Lord has HUGE things for you sammy and i cannot wait to see what they are! here are some of my favorite things that you are doing at four....
*you love music! you can hear a song on the radio and tell me who it is...we saw chris august at the thunder game one night and every time you hear the song that he sang that night you tell me that it is chris august...mimi and poppy got you an iPod for your birthday and the fact that you knew what songs you wanted on it at 4 years old is so funny to me!
*you love your brother and sister so much! you adore jack and love to play with him...molly and you have a really sweet relationship pester the fire out of her but you love her so much! she was crying the other day and mimi heard you say"don't cry, you are beautiful" {make my heart melt!!!}
*you are so interested in reading and writing! It is so cute when Jack has homework you sit at the table with us and study every little thing he is doing....trying to figure it all out! you are such a smart little boy!
*you LOVE star wars and usually have some sort of costume on most and jack act out little scenes from the movie and it is so cute! yoda is your favorite character!!!
*you are such a tough guy but you have the sweetest get so excited on Saturday and Sunday when you realize Jack and daddy are going to be home all day....but then you immediately start hitting or wrestling them after you jump up and down that it's their day off!!!
*you are the funniest little kid! you make us all laugh so hard! and you have the best little giggle!!! i love to hear you laugh really hard!
I LOVE YOU so much you big four year old!!!
The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy! Psalm 126:3


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