Sunday, March 27, 2011


My first born turned six on the 8th! I cannot believe we have had him for six years!!!! It truly has been the best six years of my life and it has FLOWN by!!!We celebrated this little cutie all day on his special day where he got to be the boss all day! He LOVED it!!! MiMi and Poppy came over that morning to bring him his presents and then MiMi spent the day with us and took us to lunch! He picked Mexican for dinner {his fave} and he LOVED when they had him wear the sombrero to sing happy birthday!!! Him and Sammy helped me with the R2-D2 cake...I am a little rusty on my cake decorating skills! Let's hope Molly wants something easy like polka dots!!!
I love his little face and the way Poppy is looking at him! We all think he is pretty special!
He just started t-ball and had his first game last week....could he be any sweeter!!!??? He did a GREAT job!!!
Here he is early that morning opening his gifts! He loves that he has to use both hands now to show you how old he is!!!!
We gave him a "big boy bible" this year! We have lots of story book bibles and devotionals but this is his very first bible with his name on it and everything! here is Bob showing it to him! So Sweet!!!
I just like this picture of him playing with his of his FAVORITE things to do right now! Jack has always played on the floor like this....each little stage he's gone through...Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, cars and trucks...he used to just lay on the floor and watch the wheels go around!!! I love him so much!!!!
Here are his two biggest fans!!!! He is the absolute best big brother to these two!!!!

I cannot believe that you are six years old already!!! what happened to that tiny little baby boy??? I just adore you! You pretty much can make me laugh all day long! Like today I asked you to sit in my lap and you said "COME ON! I am SIX years old!!!" You have always talked to me like a little adult! I love it! I could seriously write a book on the funny things that you say....You have the sweetest spirit and are so in tune with people's feelings! I love to listen to you have the best imagination! Right now you are really in to star wars, so you are usually in character as "luke dark star" he is a bounty hunter who lost one of his hands in a battle and now has a mechanical hand {you wear a glove around a lot!} You love to draw pictures of droids and different things that you make up for star wars! It's so cute! You are a great student! You are reading so well and you love math and science! You might be the pickiest eater I have ever met!!! We are working on it....but you tell me all the time not to worry about it you are just a vegetarian! Sammy and Molly love you so much and you are the best big brother! I love to see how sweet you are with Molly {until she messes with your legos and then you are usually screaming for me to get her} Sammy loves playing with you and for the most part you play so well together! I hope you are always close!!! you two are the best of friends but LOVE to wrestle and beat up on each other!!! You remind me so much of your daddy! You are such a kind little boy! You see good in everyone just like him! I love that about you! I cannot tell you enough how proud we are to be your mommy and daddy and how honored we are that God picked us to raise you! He has HUGE plans for you Jack Robert!! I pray that you come to know him and follow him all the days of your life!!!!


Mommy and Daddy


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